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This 415-047-2 Throttle cable is used on the 4 speed models mentioned here. Mercurio 175cc and 200cc also used a 25mm Amal Monobloc carb. Metralla 200cc used a 27mm Amal Monobloc carb. Lobito STD used a 18mm Zenith carb and the Lobito AK used a 22mm IRZ carb. The Campera 175cc used a 22mm Zenith Carb. The Matador 200cc used 25mm Amal Monobloc car. The Matador MK ll used a 24mm IRZ carb. The Sherpa T 250 used a 24mm IRZ carb. Every model mentioned here using the 415-047-2 throttle cable and different carbs all used the small chrome throttle assembly.


SKU: 415-047-2
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